Machinista 2003 short-list 2: machine in place of artist

Posted by Sergey Teterin | Wed Apr 2nd 2003 11:01 a.m.

Hello friends -
here is the Machinista 2003 short-list 2:
machine in place of artist

"MACHINISTA 2003" is an international internet-based festival of
contemporary media art, coordinated in Perm City, West Ural, Russia. Main
subject of the festival is "Artificial Intelligence in Art: Faces of
Machinic Ingenuity". The focus is on the new interaction of machinic and
human in art and culture.

Category online curator - Hauska Tietokone [FI]

"New media" artistic works and projects, in creation of which the human
author took part at best as a curator, as an author of the author (or even
simply an observer), and all copyrights are passed on to the machine.


Penousal Machado - "NEvAr"
README: In its basic mode of operation NEvAr is an Evolutionary Art tool - a
program that allows the evolution of a set of images, based on the aesthetic
preferences of the user. NEvAr follows an evolutionary paradigm mimicking
the mechanisms underlying natural selection. NEvAr can also act as an
Artificial Artist, evolving his artworks autonomously without the guidance
of a user.

Anne-Marie Schleiner, Brody Condon - "Velvet-Strike"
README: Velvet-Strike is a collection of spray paints to use as graffiti on
the walls, ceiling, and floor of the popular network shooter terrorism game
"Counter-Strike". Velvet-Strike was conceptualized during the beginning of
Bush's "War on Terrorism."

interface - "Inter.Face"
README: no english version

Daniel Young - "NewZoid"
README: Continuous generator of up-to-the-minute false new's headlines.
Producing more false information than all governments, corporations,
educational institutions and artistic enterprises put together.

J?rg Lehni & Uli Franke - "Hektor"
README: Hektor is a wall painting robot, a graffiti plotter. It's an output
device for laptops. All of its parts fit into one suitcase; therefore it's a
portable printer. Its engines are mounted directly to the wall by the use of
a rapid mounting mechanism. The device works with batteries, if they are
recharged, no power outlet is necessary nearby in order to spray. Normal
spray cans are mounted into the can holder, which hangs between the engines
on toothed belts and floats freely in front of the wall. Hektor is
controlled directly from within Illustrator, it follows vector graphic paths
and sprays them.

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MACHINISTA 2003 Russia
All necessary information can be found on the festival web site:
Contact: Sergei Teterin <>
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