Machinista 2003 short-list 1: veejays vs visualizers

Posted by Sergey Teterin | Mon Mar 24th 2003 7:20 a.m.

Hello friends
here is the Machinista 2003 short-list 1:
veejays vs visualizers

"MACHINISTA 2003" is an international internet-based festival of contempora=
ry media art, coordinated in Perm City, West Ural, Russia. Main subject of =
the festival is "Artificial Intelligence in Art: Faces of Machinic Ingenuit=
y". The focus is on the new interaction of machinic and human in art and cu=

Category online curator - Vadim Epstein [RU]

So, the battle of times: humans vj's versus visualising programs - WHO WINS=


Andrius Ventslova - "1234"
README: russian visual rap.

Stanza - "Amorphoscapes"
README: audio visual experiences for the net.

Stuart Pound - "Plaza Continuum"
README: Thirty years ago making experimental films, I used a technique whic=
h breaks footage into blocks of one second, divides each block into four, r=
e-orders the segments and then re-assembles the footage. As with slowed dow=
n frames, the viewer sees how the impression of a moving image is created. =
But the sense of both movement and stillness, time and no-time, is even str=
onger. In this video I have reproduced this digitally with very different e=

Arno Coenen - "Time To Bone"
README: insert coin : select video : masturbate.

NomIg - "NomIg"
README: Our premise is to forge a new form of cinematic experience by combi=
ning audio and visuals - live - in a way that has yet to be explored. We cr=
eate an environment where one listens to an audio and visual environment an=
d becomes enraptured and caught up in it, so much so that one casts off the=
binding preconceptions of time and enters into a state where the operative=
s of time are dictated by the piece. By taking media objects from disparate=
sources and putting them into one work of art, we strip sampled sound and =
imagery from its previous context, thereby liberating it from its previous =

restate - "Restate/Rebelle"
README: restate/rebelle - the thunderous transvormator.

Antoine Schmidt - Venus1
README: Venus 1 dances on music. It prefers jazz,classical, electro and slo=
w techno. Insert a CD in your computer, or plug a line, Venus 1 will like i=
t. In silence, or when Venus 1 does not hear any sound, she waits while wan=
dering slowly, in her own way. Venus 1, through her very peculiar sound per=
ception, gives us another lecture of the music and the sounds.

Simon Richardson - "VJ Vitascope"
README: the material is challenging the idea that the vj follows the dj by =
eliminating the need for a dj. at present the works are fairly ambient, wit=
h some beats, but this is definitely an immersive audio/visual experience r=
ather than the accompanyment for a party of dancers.

betker, deissler - "Lleuchtmittell"
README: lleuchtmittell are not simply mixing videotapes on their live-perfo=
mances. when lleuchtmittell perform on an event ...existing video-material =
becomes modified and new animations are produced... the creative work happe=
ns while the event and is influenced by the atmospere of the location and t=
he kind of music... lleuchtmittell mainly use 2D-animationsoftware, genlock=
s, videotapes and analog videoeffects for their work but also videocameras,=
slides or unusual digital-photocameras every kind of lowtec device they ow=
n is used for realtime videomanipulation but the result is not "specialeffe=
ct show"

Videotone - "Somework"
README: Somework by V I D E O T O N E (Barcelona, Spain)

Ryan Geiss & Rovastar - "Milkdrop"
README: It creates detailed graphical images seamlessly blending 3D effects=
into one another this is coupled with intelligent beat detection. Time and=
effort hads been spent creating detailed sound detection using techineques=
that have only recently become available that it make the sound
come alive.

= = = = =

MACHINISTA 2003 Russia
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