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Posted by Rachel Greene | Thu Mar 13th 2003 4:39 p.m.

I wanted to share some of the input I got from my last query about hypertext
-- I have learned a lot from this site

http://www.dichtung-digital.de/english.htm (thank you mark amerika!), and
this interview is good too:


shelley jackson's hypertext writing has been really good reading... and
other suggestions people made were very provocative -- like bryan p. said I
should try considering blindspot and google as hypertext projects...

another query:

what are people's favorite hypertext projects, or should I say writers? and

best, rachel

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does anyone have good hypertext resouces to suggest? think of someone whose
motto is 'I hate hypertext' -- what would you send them to change their
mind, or to get them to appreciate this form. I am more interested right now
in hypertext analysis than hypertext work... thanks, rachel

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