cybersundays- Sunday March 16th 2003

Posted by niki gomez | Tue Mar 11th 2003 5:12 a.m.

CyberSundays: Cybersalon goes back to its roots!


CyberSundays is a new series of informal monthly Cybersalon discussions bas=
ed at the Lifthouse bar, Farringdon, London. The themes will alternate bet=
ween digital art and net activism. They cater for about 50 people on a firs=
t come basis and will include short presentations and a discussion followed=
by a chill social space with DJs and VJs.

These sessions will let us feedback work recently completed or in progress,=
duscuss new uses of tactical media, disseminate information from media art=
festivals and interventions and respond to current events and invited gues=
ts who may be in town.

:::::::FIRST EVENT:::::::

Date: Sunday March 16th 2003
Time: 6pm
Place: the Lifthouse, Charterhouse St, Farringdon, London EC1M 6HJ (next do=
or to Fabric)
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