Interview Yourself,, B0timati0n update

Posted by Amy Alexander | Fri Feb 28th 2003 7:04 a.m.

Interview Yourself,, B0timati0n update... and its local affiliates announce the following
up-to-the-minute updates!

** Interview Yourself (now in semi-retirement) leisurely adds
hot new interviews from Brian Mann, Tamara Lai, and Loz from!

** Our new friends, the Deprogrammers at,
have launched their software art debut,
"ep #1 - did the dotcom bust you?"
now available online at

As well as their salute to US foreign policy, Forkwar!
Crash your system the patriotic way!

Read more about deprogramming philosophy at:

Coming Soon:
Deprogramming Presents: The Extreme Typing Project...

** B0timati0n - The Live Internet VJ... for The Geek Age:
Still photos are now online from ENSBA/Paris and Transmediale
performances... find them at ...
and yes, Coming Soon:
Public beta of b0timati0n software!

-- we are family
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