Imagining Ourselves - Call for Entries

Posted by Alexis Vasilos | Wed Jan 29th 2003 1 a.m.

Final Deadline: April 1, 2003
Call for Submissions--- Imagining Ourselves: An Anthology of Art and Ideas

Imagining Ourselves aims to give a powerful voice to a new generation of
women internationally. A global anthology of contributions from women
in their twenties and early 30s, the book will include a wide variety of
mediums -- from poetry and essays to photography and reproductions of
visual art. We're looking for creative and dynamic young women from all
backgrounds and in every corner of the globe-- artists, athletes,
photographers, activists... Show us the world you live in and the one
you wish to create!


Body (fashion, disease/illness, sports, sensuality/sexuality, dance and
movement, pregnancy...)

Identity/Borders (All the cleavages which divide us: Nationality,
ethnicity, race, gender, language...)

Power (Political systems, human rights, power in the household, between
lovers, personal empowerment)

Spirituality (religion, ritual, deity/deities)

Family (ancestors, mother/daughter connections, parenthood)

Work (the office, the farm, the factory, our material possessions)

Land/Earth (Food, nature, ecology, animals, physics/physical science)

Connections/Community (Friendship,Romantic relationships,community

Invent Your Own!

For more information and submissions guidelines, see:

...or write -- +1 (415) 543-4669x115

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