Re: FLUXLIST: Re: New subscription process not nice

Posted by D42 Kandinskij | Thu Jan 16th 2003 1 a.m.

On Thu, 9 Jan 2003, Kathy Forer wrote:

> I got a reaaally long one. More than one. And I never read them in the
> first place....

False posturing. Why do you feel the need to advertise
your not caring, love?

> No more from me. You win. or lose, whatever. I don't care.

Apathie + vanity. Oh la la.
We were going ti ask for your address
to send you roses + chokolate refined KULTUR.
But we guess youre not caring.

> My first instinct on this was it was that Genius 2000 twit. Now I'm
> sure it is, or at least a cult-buddy.

What a precise guess this is.
In fact, are you SURE I am not Max Herman himself.

`, . ` `k a r e i' ? ' D42
  • D42 Kandinskij | Fri Jan 17th 2003 1 a.m.
    On Thu, 9 Jan 2003, Bertrand Clavez wrote:

    > a) I've already written what I thought about s/him, so one cannot say I
    > wanted s/him on the list considering contents,

    You have no capacity to think.
    Nor to 'read' our contents.

    > tone

    Nor do you have capacity to discern 'tone' and certainly
    not over vast networks. Esecially since there was NO TONE
    in your direction at all and whatsoever. NO SIGNAL.

    What you hallucinate is your own problema.

    > and repetitivness of s/his posts.

    Repetitiveness does not exist.
    It is a mechanical age Western Brain disease.
    A failure on YOUR behalf.

    > b)Even for fun, I thnik Allen never,
    You cannot think.

    > at any moment, deserved such kind of jokes

    There were no jokes.
    We are 1001% serious.

    However it is far easier to mechanically knee-jerk +

    Yes, Allen Bukoff + FLUXLIST do deserve_ what has been
    written about them. We are sure you dislike the disparity
    between what you fantasize you are, and what you are.

    For a list supposedly involved in dada + zen influenced
    art, you fail to do anyting besides cheap fetishism and
    weak mimicry of what FLUXUS was.

    To make matters even worse, now you are whining.

    Poor you, who dont deserve such 'jokes'--meanwhile
    the poor yous turning others work into a piss poor joke,
    (ab)using what has been done to indulge your self-importance,
    masochism, commodification / fetishism cheap tastes,
    obscuring the SIGNAL in the process and destructively
    detonating and closing with debris pathways opened with
    actual EFFORT, meanwhile wallowing in your shit and fancying
    yourselves 'elite' 'creative' 'intelligent' etc.

    Go ahead, pull that veil (+pillow) over your head.

    And while youre at it, send me your mailing address.
    Ill send you a heavy dose of your self-hypnotic drug
    of choice in chocolate, expensive liqeur of your choice,
    and flowers.

    Or maybe just a nice vial of valium and a handful of violets.

    It'll do wonders for the self-pity masquerading behind
    this behavior.

    Otto Maria von Karlsbaaden
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