MACHINISTA 2003 [RU] - additional prizes for VJ's

Posted by Sergey Teterin | Thu Jan 16th 2003 1 a.m.

MACHINISTA 2003" - media art festival in net, organized and coordinated in=
Perm City, West Ural, Russia. Main subject of the festival is "Artificial =
Intelligence in Art: Faces of Machinic Ingenuity". The focus is on the new =
interaction of machinic and human in art and culture.

Categories of accepted works:
z "Machine as the artist's co-author"
z "Machine in place of the artist"
z "VJ's vs. visualizers"

Accepted are all media art works without genre limitations: video-art, musi=
c and sound, vj demos, multimedia installations, net-art and web-art, softw=
are art, graphical and 3D experiments etc. Works are accepted on the festiv=
al web site and published automatically.


1. "ArKaos Interactive Visual Technologies" company (Belgium) will contribu=
te special prizes for authors in the "Vj's vs. visualizers" category: "ArKa=
os VJ 2.2.1" BOXES and CDs with "ArKaos Visual Art Library", and some "ArKa=
os" t-shirts [:-)] URL:

2. "Electronica-Optica" is a visual distribution company that produces "VJT=
V". "VJTV" is a a show featuring interviews, mix sets, and shorts of variou=
s VJ and Visual artists around the world. "E-Optica" will be featuring a se=
lect portion of the works in "Machinista" to be aired on "VJTV". URLs: www.=

All necessary information and submission form can be found on the festival =
web site:

Deadline: January 31, 2003.
Director: Sergei Teterin (Perm City, Russia) <>
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