Posted by ryan griffis | Mon Dec 9th 2002 1 a.m.

for more details: see the yes men

The story (so far)

On Dec. 3, the eighteenth anniversary of the Union Carbide (i.e. Dow) disaster at Bhopal, a press release (below) was sent out by, telling Dow's story more honestly than Dow ever does.

It explained why Dow (and Union Carbide) have always refused to take responsibility for the disaster, and have never seen fit to offer any more than $500 compensation per victim.

On Dec. 4, after business hours and when nobody was on hand to deal with it, Verio shut down the entire network, which hosts innumerable activist, artist, and other websites and bulletin boards (as well as Verio did this in response to the DMCA notice that they had received the day before. (This has happened before--see below.)

Then, on Dec. 6, mysteriously, it suddenly turned out that belonged to Dow! (See whois results below.) How did this happen?

Well, when we registered with about two weeks ago, we thought it would be really funny if we put down James Parker as owner of the domain. (James Parker is the son of the Dow CEO, you see.) We even put down James Parker's real home address! Very funny, right?

Yes! Funny! And on Dec. 4, James Parker himself (with the help of a team of Dow lawyers) sent a xerox of his driver's license and a letter by FedEx to, saying, basically, "This domain belongs to me. See, that's my home address, too. Give it to me!" According to the rules of ICANN, Parker was correct, and had no legal choice but to hand it over.

Very creative work there, Jimmy! (Yes, but....) And now on to the next stage....
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