launches this Friday

Posted by Andy Cox | Wed Nov 13th 2002 1 a.m.

If you're in San Francisco, please drop by the launch party
this Friday, November 15th at Gallery 16 (details below) .....

1. Stretcher publishes artists' projects, essays on visual culture, and
exhibition reviews, providing a California-centered alternative to
mainstream art magazines.

2. Stretcher 3.0 debuts a cutting-edge use of weblog (blog) technology for
instant publishing, developed for the site by David Lawrence.

The launch party is Friday, November 15, 6-9 pm at Gallery 16, 1616-16th
Street, San Francisco, California.

Stretcher 3.0 debuts November 15, 2002 at 12:01 am
on the Web at

WHO: is the collective effort of artists and writers Amy Berk,
Ella Delaney, David Lawrence, Cheryl Meeker, and Meredith Tromble, aided by
heavy lifting from a muscular cast of contributors including Crane/Winet,
Andy Cox, Jon Ippolito, Sabina Ott, Larry Rinder, Marcia Tanner, Tucker
Nichols, and many others. Contributors Glen Helfand and Megan Wilson get
credit for helping to start Stretcher.

The first in a series of limited edition artist multiples will be available
for purchase at the party. Editions will also be available through the
Stretcher site.

San Francisco, California:, the online magazine of visual
culture for the Bay Area and beyond, announces the posting of Stretcher 3.0
to the World Wide Web, November 15, 2002, with cutting-edge web log (blog)
technology developed especially for the site by David Lawrence. This new
technology will facilitate continuous updating of the site's content,
allowing timely reviews, news, and commentary.

Headlining Stretcher 3.0 content is the world debut of an interactive web
adaptation of Scott Stark's Angel Beach. Stark, a Bay Area experimental
filmmaker whose work was recently included in the 2002 Whitney Biennial.
Stark is also interviewed by fellow filmmaker Dale Hoyt. Artists and
educators Mark Johnson and Sabina Ott face off in a conversation about the
state of painting, what artists need to know, and surviving as artists.
Reviews include Meredith Tromble on Bay Area Now, the triennial survey at
the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco; Donna Schumacher on a new,
post-boom crop of alternative galleries; Mark Bartlett on alternative news
sites; A "Lunch Salon" with Amy Berk, yogi and his students, about peace; A
project by Charles Gute produced by Cheryl Meeker; artists, Ann Chamberlain,
Lynn Hershman, and Rigo and more weigh in on how their lives might change in
war time; news and commentary from around the world, and reviews of
exhibitions from San Francisco, New York, and Australia. All articles now
include a "feedback" feature" for reader responses.

Stretcher has also partnered with Artsync, a new event calendar and gallery
guide for Bay Area visual art to provide you with a thorough survey of Bay
Area art events and spaces.
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