Anti-terrorist race

Posted by Henrique Antoun | Sat Nov 9th 2002 1 a.m.

World's anti-terrorist action convocation:

All people knows that muslims hate drinks and also see woman with
bodies uncovered in public spaces. We know also that we need
investigate muslims like anti-terror profilatic care.

We are inviting all world patriotic people to participate in a colective
action against terror. Friday 4 pm all women must run after strip their
clothes in offices, shopps, churches or streets; in all public places on
the world, and men must run with a drink in the hand trying to catch

All men or women that refuse their participation will be arrested under
suspicion of belong to a muslim terrorist network. Gays must strip and
run in drag and lesbians must run with drinks. No excuses will be

War Against Terror Wants You!
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