Posted by The Phoenix | Mon Nov 4th 2002 1 a.m.

Anybody, can you help?
I deleted an e-mail message from a Rhizome-approved source this morning and I need it back.
I received a message from one of the "subscribed sources" we can all opt in for on this site. Since I opt-in for them all, I cannot say which source it was, or if it was possibly from an individual.
I am reasonably certain it was not from Rhizome Digest or Net Art News and I canny find it on Raw Texts. It came in over this weekend (Nov 2-3)
It was for an AVATAR site, not the one in todays Fresh Art (Be My Head) but another one which linked a research site with the history of the name and use of the term Avatar.
Any help out there?
_The Phoenix
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