Announcing the Stunned Net.Art Blog

Posted by Conor McGarrigle | Tue Oct 29th 2002 1 a.m.

Announcing the Stunned Net.Art Blog self publishing system

Stunned announces the launch of the Stunned Net.Art Blog .

It seems that there is so much new these days that it's really hard
to keep up with what's happening so this system arises from a personal
desire to harness the immediacy of blogging to help keep in touch with new
net art.

The Net.Art Blog uses Moveable Type blogging system which will let artists
post information about new work themselves without any editorial input or
delays and will automatically ping popular weblog tracking systems like and MIT's Blogdex with each new post.

The system will be restricted to new work announcements, requests for
feedback on works in progress and recommendations so we hope it'll become a
quick stopping off point whenever you want to check out some new project

While we felt this would be a useful tool we can't say we're 100% sure so
this is a trial run, if it proves useful we'll keep it, if not it'll go the
way of so many other bad ideas.

all the best



Stunned Net.Art Blog
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