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IOCOSE's latest project A Crowded Apocalypse draws on 'crowdsourcing to hijack the collective imagination'.

Marc Garrett – of Furtherfield spoke with IOCOSE about the project.

"Conspiracy theories usually assume the presence of an invisible force, of someone or something plotting in the shadows. The resulting theories are precisely concerned with the reasons and motivations which lie behind the facade, hidden from the surface level impression intended to mislead the victims." IOCOSE

The group IOCOSE has been working in Italy and Europe since 2006. It organizes actions in order to subvert ideologies, practices and processes of identification and production of meanings. It uses pranks and hoaxes as tactical means, as joyful and sound tools. IOCOSE thinks about the streets, internet and word of mouth as a battlefield. Tactics such as mimesis and trickery are used to lead and delude the audience into a semantic pitfall.

It is commissioned by AND Festival ( and Furtherfield.
A Crowded Apocalypse is currently being shown at both the Furtherfield Gallery
as part of a group show called Invisible Forces, and online at (
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