On Amorphous Politics. New article by Patrick Lichty

Posted by marc garrett | Fri Dec 9th 2011 12:36 p.m.

On Amorphous Politics. New article by Patrick Lichty.


Patrick Lichty's article explores, since the turn of the millennium shifts toward new forms of sociopolitical dissent. These include strategies such as cellular forms or resistance including asymmetrical warfare like global insurgencies, the use of social media. Examples would be Twitter and Facebook in their ability to lens dissent for actions in Syria, Egypt and Tunisia, Wikileaks and its ability to mirror, and politics that use anarchistic forms of collective action such as the Occupy Movement. Although Patrick's focus is more concerned with the Occupy Movement, what is evident is what he calls an amorphous politics of dissent. Amorphous is defined as "without shape", and can be applied to most of the mise en scenes listed above.

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