Mapping Uncertainty at ISEA 2011 Istanbul

Posted by Dr Eugenia Fratzeskou | Sat Oct 22nd 2011 9:48 a.m.

Dr Eugenia Fratzeskou was one of the international Reviewers for ISEA2011 Istanbul, and delivered her lecture Mapping Uncertainty as part of the Mapping & The User Experience paper session of the ISEA2011 Istanbul Conference.

ISEA2011 Istanbul

The 17th edition of the International Symposium on Electronic Art - the leading world conference and exhibition event for art, media and technology – took place in Istanbul from 14 to 21 September 2011. The Symposium was the outcome of the synergy that was developed between the Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the Sabanci University of Istanbul. Moreover, the ISEA2011 Istanbul exhibition Uncontainable was an official Parallel Event of the Istanbul Biennale.

ISEA 2011 Istanbul Conference was the academic core of the Symposium and took place mainly at the prestigious Sabanci Center’s towers situated at Levent, the rapidly developing and expanding business district of Istanbul. The ISEA2011 Istanbul Conference hosted more than 450 paper presentations, over 70 panels and 60 workshops that were complemented by fora, networking, meetings and special events. All submissions were selected and reviewed by an international jury of professionals and academics from various disciplinary backgrounds. Sean Cubitt, Roman Verostko, Oliver Grau, William Uricchio, Jay Bolter, Sara Diamond, Christiane Paul and Terrence Masson contributed as keynote speakers. The Conference comprised of a rich variety of topics including mapping, user experience and space; perfection, error and the sublime; art and activism in the digital age; interdisciplinary teaching and new media arts; algorithmic art; robotics; sound; bacteria art; consumption; augmented reality; hacking, and many others. The combination of presenters, the themes and the structure of presentations inspired rigorous discussions on emerging issues, inspired new ideas and potential, while facilitating the development of new collaborations and partnerships.

Mapping & the User Experience was one of the paper sessions of the ISEA2011 Istanbul Conference and took place on 19th September 2011 at Sabanci Center. The issue of mapping was one of the most important emerging topics that dominated several paper sessions and workshops such as Mapping the City and Urban Identity, Mapping and the Subject as Body, Mapping as Walking as Learning to See in the Digital Age as well as exhibitions and events dealing not only with space and architecture but also with a rich variety of other emerging fields, discourses, inter-disciplinary types of international research and practice. The importance of mapping is recognised and highlighted as a challenging integral part of spatial practice and research across digital and electronic media arts, hard sciences and the humanities.

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