Dr Eugenia Fratzeskou's articles in Digimag (Digicult)

Posted by Dr Eugenia Fratzeskou | Sat Oct 22nd 2011 9:42 a.m.

Art and architecture: investigation at the boundaries of space - Digimag 52

Chora platonica and digital matrix - Digimag 55

Isea 2010 ruhr. unfolding space - Digimag 57

Interruptive site-specificity in contemporary digital art - Digimag 59

"tracing" infra-spaces: complicated beginnings & elliptical ends - Digimag 60

"tracing" infra-spaces. complicated beginnings & elliptical ends - Digimag 61

Urban transcripts 2010. over the skin of the city - Digimag 62

Revealing interstitial spaces. part 1 - Digimag 63

Revealing interstitial spaces. part 2 - Digimag 64

Revealing interstitial spaces. part 3 - Digimag 65

Operative transformations. part 1 - Digimag 66

Operative transformations. part 2 - Digimag 67

Isea 2011 Istanbul: A report. Art at the Crossroads - Digimag 68

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