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Posted by John McArdle | Tue Nov 2nd 2010 12:20 p.m.

I"GET IT"! yes, I "get it"! We are screwed! The consumer based petro-chemical age RAGE's unabated. Sure why not! Go shopping @ the new SUPER WALMART. Is there a dollar store or dollar general in your town? Made in CHINA? Made in INDIA? Made in Mexico? BP ruins the gulf of mexico? There is no end to this stuff is there? Another terrorist attack? Another calamitous weather disaster? Tsunami? Earthquake?Hurricaine?Volcanoe? Mudslude? FLOODING? USA Republicans take majority in the senate and congress? OBAMMA 2010-2012 gets nothing done in the next 2 years. JOIN the status quo! OYE! OYE! OYE! ??? Whats in YOUR wallet? AMERICAN EXPRESS? ART is dead or dying music is dead or dying. Overstauration! Too many artists? Too many musicians and bands? Check out my band @ myspace thank-you. YAK ReMiX@myspace We need a serious mega-wealthy sponsor and budget so we can increase our artistic and creative level. Some of us are barely surviving now. Underemployed or unemployed and paying any monies we do make to greedy landlords. Some of us relegated to living in the city using the metro-transit system no longer being able to afford owning personal vehicles. Angst anxiety depression mentally and financially. Have a nice day! Insert smiley FACE here -------------------->( zero ) more than stupid, INSANE!
  • John McArdle | Tue Nov 2nd 2010 12:22 p.m.
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