2 weeks left to _INFECT_ .US!

Posted by jcates | Thu Jul 15th 2010 1:20 p.m.


beginning just over 2 weeks ago, the IN.F3XXX10N.US online art exhibition is now infected by over 30 exhibiting artists/identities/projects/accounts such as: Anonymous, Andy Warhol, Marcel Duchamp, ANON, Rrose Sélavy, 4chan, dump.fm, TRIPTYCH.TV, Shane Mecklenburger, ARAM BARTHOLL, POP.NET.ART, René Magritte, Rosa Menkman, maxcapacity, Wolf D. Schreiber, veterraga, Sian Amoy, The Internet Traveler, kittenglitches, ipretended, i thought i had a virus, etc...

we remain up + running in a realtime stream of multiple collective subjective consciousness @ IN.F3XXX10N.US + we invite yawl to infect .us via:


OUR EXHIBITION LOGIN: http://www.tumblr.com/login


TRIPTYCH.TV (AKA jimpunk, abe linkoln + mr tamale) +/or those who may be representing themselves as if they are TRIPTYCH.TV, Shane Mecklenburger + Anonymous have been among the most active agents infecting us so far, participating in partially confrontational but always creative, conversational + constructive dialogues

thru IN.F3XXX10N.US we are creating an ongoing & animated conversation in which we produce a process, an exhibition, an ongoing exchange of media/moments/memes

2 weeks remain to infect us via the login + password information above. the exhibition runs online until July 31 2010 when the IN.F3XXX10N.US domain expires, effectively ending our control of the exhibition but opening the opportunity to anyOne who wishes to purchase the domain and continue the project in whatever form(s) they may imagine best

looking fwd to yr infections!

// jonCates && Jake Elliot
organizers/initiators of:
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