Posted by John McArdle | Thu May 20th 2010 9:47 a.m.

We seriously need a sponsor or another financial agency. We have no Agent manager or sponsers yet? We need a 15 FT. long van for the BAND and the sound Company. I would consider investors who would like a %($) of our success. Imagine if you could buy stock and get a dividend from Nirvanna? The Beatles? Pearl JAM? PHISH? How did they scrape up the money to do thier 1st tour? We Barely have the resources to travel to get to gigs....presently. Any suggestions on a positive note would be appreciated. "babylon john" drummer for YAK ReMiX@myspace FREE SAMPLE means NO-money....is being a musician a dead end? YAK ReMiX YAK ReMiX (yeah don,t quit your day job is getting OLD!) yuppies and metros who are employed are ahead.......? WE are behind? aRT/mUSIC/aRT/mUSIC/aRT/mUSIC..............is IT deAd yeT?
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