consumer electronics CHINA WALLMART

Posted by John McArdle | Mon May 10th 2010 8:13 a.m.

Laughing! (what else can I do?) You have All been duped! You consumers living in this consumer based petro-chemical military Industrial age. Yes! They pollute the waters the atmosphere.They profit by it! The natural resources are plundered. So now a small minority that is growing (still consumers) says NO MORE! It is NOT COOL! GO GREEN! GO GREEN. Yeah the Corporations and OIL companies are figuring it out too you idiots! GO GREEN is being made in CHINA and sold at WALLMART. When WILL you "get it" GET IT? NO you don,t I know you don,t If your reading THIS you are probably part of it? Did You FIND that six-figure silicon valley job you wanted? HEY? Gonna be the next radical techno genius who gets RICH? sad so sad This HUMAN dilema.....SERIOUS INQUIRYS ONLY!..... Thank-You. "babylon john" Hey and PEACE! (insert smiley face HERE)
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