Angel_F post party

Posted by Salvatore Iaconesi | Sat Mar 13th 2010 5:37 a.m.

Thanks to everyone that was able to come to Rome for Angel_F's party! It was fantastic!

We are just now pulling the strings together, and reports from Angel_F's party will start arriving, full of videos, pictures and the strange faces of the people meeting our little Angel_F live for the first time :)

And here's a little treat:

"Listen" the installation at the FLEXI library, building 3D sculptures with the memories and information of the people who interacted with Angel_F, is online (in a scaled down, simplified version).

And for whoever loves codes and software: you can ask me or directly to Angel_F to receive the source code for the installation. It is released under a GPL license.

thank you all again and stay tuned!
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