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Posted by NeMe | Fri Mar 5th 2010 3:44 a.m.

Why not be able to search a place for its stories, its poetry, and its metaphors and why not be able to select what you desire as well as be able to create such things specifically for this place itself?

Publication has historically been a distribution system of printing press, audience and release of finished works. This has led to many variant developments in the past that have attempted to move this system into new paradigms,tributaries, or complete erasures into new modes. It is important to avoid the "rise, rise young lions" notion of how the new must topple the old and the construct that one must progress through radical means to "solve" the older functionalities. It is not this; it is that, as new possibilities emerge that can enhance and newer tools come into being that allow deeper levels; it is logical to explore them and to open those new tributaries. The book is not dead, nor should it be. The library does not need to be shuttered as a relic, a museum piece or traces in aging photographs. The internet too, as shiny as it may seem in comparison in these times, will someday be seen as a veritable steam ship in relation to what will come in some future present.

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