Laughing the whole TIME

Posted by John McArdle | Mon Dec 14th 2009 6:45 a.m.

So far not one single artist or musician or financial sponser has actually contacted me. Which leads me to believe that the consumer based petro-chemical age we live in has WON! Yes, it has beaten me. It is a living breathing entity of it's own, devouring the planet and poisoning and destroying it as it goes.Everyone caught up in thier own petty quest to have the best career, job, computer or cell phone or car or apartment or job or bank account. Meanwhile artists and musicians who are actually The REAL genius's Are relegated to just viewing the insanity at a safe distance wondering if any crumbs will fall from the table that they can use to buy some used clothing at the local thrift used clothing charity place.Or something to buy some meager supplies. A single upper "E" string for the acoustic guitar which broke 3 months ago. Some minutes for the tractphone card to call Poor old Mom to see how she is doing? Or to call other musicians and artists in the local area to see if they are having it any better? Laughing and agreeing to get together or do an open mike nite someplace or go see a FREE ART show exhibit or music of other musicians struggling to make a name for themselves.Not realizing yet the fate that awaits them as they persue thier goal of fame or fortune. Laughing in the face of adversity and relative poverty. The smile slowly comes back and you plan your next move on the scene. Meanwhile the mileage piles up on the car(presently over 200,000.)You wonder? Should I just give up?Why am I persuing this? Is there anybody else out there like me? YES! They are all over the place there are probably millions of them. WE should take control of the planet collectively and it's natural resouces and collectively Stop the monster! But we cannot for we are weakend and shattered at the disregard for the lowly artists musicians who are numerous who are relegated to competing for that crumb that falls from the table.VIVA LA REVOLUTION! I Recently composed a bluegrass song, "Muleskinner" A celebration of corporate america The banks and The Gov,t. I may be busking in the subway here pretty soon.Throw some money in that guitar case, Thanks!happy Holidays!DECEMBER 14th 2009. "bAbyLoN jOHn
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