Early fractals

Posted by STEVE DANZIG | Wed Sep 18th 2002 1 a.m.

2 new artists have been added to the Guest Artists Gallery (GAG) -


- Paul McCarroll - focusing on the work from his membrane series - multi-layered color abstract CT scans. "As far as my personal artwork goes I seem to unconsciously wander to the darker aspects of existence and thought. It has always been this way and I have always been attracted to the surreal, dark and bizarre."

- Wayne J. Cosshall - Art meets science! Pure fractals exploring bio & stem Cell structures from his 1990 series and output as BW prints shooting directly off the screen. "Fractal/mathematical art has a compulsive attraction to me. It allows me to cross-over my scientific/engineering background with creative work. It also has a mystical quality, which is what the Pythagoreans, Neo-Platonists and Kabballists of old must have felt. There is magic in those numbers, and it becomes visible through art".

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