Paradigmatic Landscapes - update

Posted by Yann Le Guennec | Wed Aug 19th 2009 8:50 a.m.

What we call a 'syntagm' is a sequence of 6 small pictures relating to a basic set of pictures. The syntagm is modified through interactions between spectators and what we call the 'paradigm'. Each time a spectator (or any entity connected to the work) access the paradigm through the syntagm, the syntagm is modified. Thus it is possible for the spectator as individual to be conscious about his action on the syntagm, but these possible observations can be messed up by the collective process. Many spectators can act quite simultaneously on the paradigm and doing so modify syntagm in a way that blurs the observation of the individual process.


* 17 Aug 2009: v1, implementation of the paradigmatic axis (algorithm of picture generation).
* 17 Aug 2009: v2, feedback from the paradigm to the syntagm, defined as a sequence.
* 19 Aug 2009: v2.1, syntagms separation, file structure update.
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