Posted by John McArdle | Sat Aug 1st 2009 9:58 a.m.

Babylon john @ myspace. Just Go There! Or call me by telephone 607 863 4005 or (ha ha!) snail mail me!….. JFMc PO box 13 13863-0013. yes this is my legit snail mail address or e-mail: enjoy your stay here during the consumer based petro-chemical age (yeah I know,it kinda sucks) just smile anyway it pisses off all the grumpy people. Have fun eat good food listen to music you like be creative ART MUSIC Culture cuisine etc etc. If your not having fun go someplace else try something different…..If you find a typo (ignore it) NO p.H.D. required. (bows humbly)

  • John McArdle | Sat Aug 22nd 2009 10:43 a.m.
    Like the Ramones in music or anybody that just barely made it.( You six figure people should put more money in those guitar cases or whatever for people busking(begging) Buy some crappy oil paintings off the streets too. Artists and musicians (who obviously haven,t "made it yet" are suffering.) Even if you remotely like it , BUY IT! Donate take a stand. Me personally yes, I,m still struggling financially, emotionally, spiritually. What can I say? My stay in this consumer based petro-chemical age has not always been pleasant. In fact I need expensive cosmetic dental surgery! I,m beginning to have a distain of the wealthy, I,ll try to work on that. "right intentions" 4 noble truths 8 fold path...... beggar or buddha? THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING! THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING! ( more rants from a humorous lunatic?) Hopefully someone will get this "message in a bottle". THE END.
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