FakePress presented at Frontiers of Interaction V

Posted by Salvatore Iaconesi | Tue Jun 9th 2009 8:28 p.m.

Hello there!
we have just been at Frontiers of Interaction to present FakePress, a next-step publishing house.

"Ubiquitous Publishing and Ubiquitous Anthropology. The next-step in publishing practices and platforms, united with a research on the possibilities offered by location based technologies and by novel approaches to knowledge dissemination. We presented our research at Frontiers of Interaction V in Rome (June 2009), together with the first two applications and an open call."

read about it here:

and here a report on Frontiers of Interaction V

the applications will be released together with their documentation starting from next week.

the open, ongoing call to propose publications to FakePress is active.

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