a slight restructuring of ethereal relationships, etc.

Posted by Archive Registrar | Tue Jun 9th 2009 5:11 p.m.


Perhaps of note:

Deep/Young Anodyne Laboratories, due to a recent internal restructuring of our relationships toward various affiliate nodes, has updated its Deep/Young Ethereal Archive "Sister Organizations" page in order to more accurately reflect our current soulish sympathies online.


GRAFTED INTO the D/Y network (with hearty aplomb and for the following reason) is:
* The Wildgoose Memorial Library [because things sting]


SET ADRIFT from the D/Y network (in good conscience and for the following reason) are:
* The Art Gallery of Knoxville
* Nek Chand Foundation
* The Walter Anderson Museum of Art
[because they are real]



Also of possible interest, our memorabilia section has been purged and re-reified. Added are:
* "Matter & Memory" [free, online, and unabridged]
* "Collapse" Journal & "Observatory Mansions" [in material space for material money]


Finally, our Family School will embark on its second successful year supplementing the passage of a few young persons through a rather brief period of time:


As always, we pray that these and all our activities fulfill our mandate "to facilitate a more lively remote dialogue with the Sundry Essences of Wonder."

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