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Posted by Max | Tue Sep 10th 2002 1 a.m.

I was just checking out Wolf Blitzer, at

It's strange to me no one is saying "we should probably wait on an attack of
Iraq" on this list. I don't think anyone has said it.

One of the things I've heard is that art and artists can be effective in
guiding human situations better than war/money/capital etc. Yet what seems
to me like an easy dunk is just ignored. Maybe it's the Age of Resignation.

What did Baudrillard say: the millennium (point 2000/2001) has already
happened a certain inalterable way (clock ticking down but nada else), and
the First Gulf War didn't actually happen. So this Second Iraq War has
already happened a certain way, and also, won't really actually happen (just
virtually, despite the dead bodies and other effects).

"If you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty; and it is you who
are that poverty."

"My girl's got a big mouth with which she babbles a lot. I want a girl who
will laugh for no one else....When I'm away she never leaves the house."

"My girl's got eyeballs in the back of her head....It makes me sad to see
her like that."

I thought my last post to Kandinskij was pretty good, anyone else?

"There is unrest in the forest: there is trouble with the trees."

We shouldn't forget the Tenfold Principle of Liza Sabater, who said that the
current pioneers in museum-based net art are sowing a harvest the rest of
net art will reap tenfold. So, instead of say a dozen ineffectual watery
netartists in museums, in 2010, there will be 120.

This does not comfort me one bit.

Kandinskij talked about stealing energy and all. I think Joseph Beuys
(wanted dead or alive), who is now a walking talking dead person to help us
think, is a case of stealing. I figured out the same shit my own way before
I ever even heard of him. Yet people like to think everything is necessary.
Even Eryk the ignorant petty adolescent peddler of prettiness and trite
ideas everyone is bored with is better Beuys than Beuys. Plus many other
writers and artists has he leapfrogged without even knowing.

I wonder if Kandinskij would write that evolution is continuous or
discontinuous. I write he writes that my writing, emails, and jpgs are
super-inferior drains of energy bred of immaturity and animal crimes.

So circles the tongue of artifice my historically suspended asshole.
Jolly-O mates!

I wonder where the Old Champ Spirit is. Is it sleeping? There is a stingy
miserliness afoot in the world. Wicked and slothful servants not using
their talents for fear that the Lord is an hard man, who reapeth where he
hath not sowed, and gathers where he hath not strawed. In other words,
Jesus said "you have to work even though the stock market is for insane
killer zombies with more bombs than hot potato central."

Tuesday, September 10, 2002, 11:42.

Hey Fahey, do you know the conic sections and cardioids? They really are my
friends in my g2k efforts.

"The best lack all conviction, and the worst are full of a passionate

Seems to me Kandinskij isn't hearing me so I better forget it hey, even
though he talks about me. All men work together even if they work alone.

I'm looking for energized risk-takers with eyes of gold and the deep quiet
of a strong heart at peace (DH Lawrence). Not company men and women. They
are just scenery to laugh at or cry at.

Is there a boycott of the Genius 2000 Conference? If so, why? If not, why
not? Please all angry outsiders and degenerates with only inner dignity
send me some urls. I know that's what I do--I send myself urls!

Those who fear Kandinskij, just ask him about how fishes' lateral line
relates to G2K. Maybe this type of chicanery on my part will not work any
more. "Want a better world? Email Mirapaul about G2K!"

Also Death, did you read the Genius 2000 Conference 2000 text by Mark
Stahlman? Do you know him? Perhaps you prefer not to read it. Dutch Elm
Disease gettin' jiggy in my ass can't-keep-up-outta-step style.

About, and those balls, I want someone to make animations
with 2d or 3d balls like that for g2k, I'll pay you in jokes and G2K Bonds.

I still want people to do their own G2K experiments to see if they can
reproduce my results independently, even though Death doesn't believe in the
scientific method (not Beuysian enough, he loveth Beuys, and hateth the King
James Version--only originals for that pufferbilly!).

Think of genius as a fungus growing in the surface area of a geometrically
hollow sphere. This relates to Buckminster Fuller.

Anyone on 7-11? Maybe forward this for me. I have to clean the garage

"The best way to get nothing done is to work well with others"--Bill "JK"

I wonder if Kandinskij works with computer algorithms and the digitization
of genius. He likes Teilhard maybe. Ha, ye are the savers of the Soul, but
if there is nothing left to save, what shall you saveth?"

Kandinskij wrote I want people to amputate perfectly harmless and healthy
bits of themselves.

I got nothing on John Klima. All I can do is weep and gnash my teeth.

Does anyone think that self-immolating monks helped stop evil in Vietnam?

I know Bush is scared people won't buy his pre-emptive bid (three diamonds
for all y'all bridge hustlers) for Iraq. So he has weaknesses. No one
cares to exploit them for the better though, so holy holy holy is the Second
Iraq War Almighty.

Marc Garrett, would you do me the favor of printing out your favorite G2K
images or texts, photocopy, and pass out in Traffy Square today? Are you on
vacation or unsubbed? I need your url for the conference again too. Do
tell me if you prefer not to submit it after all.

I'd love an email from Coco Fusco about G2K too, for the conference. Those
of ye who care to submit just an email about G2K for the Conference just say
"Conf2002Submission" in the subject and send to me here at Also, forward the call and conf url
( to EVERYONE you know or have
an email for. I know I am going to today.

I sincerely do issue a personal request to all of you, as individual vessels
of genius, to contribute to the conference as you wish. I have yes sown
ill-will and strife by insulting certain people, but I humbly ask you each
to weigh these sins against the great picture of history and ACT. Even if
only to send this exact precise email to your lists and friends. Specially
7-11, Fluxlist, Thingist, Syndicate, Empyre, and of course all the others.

One very easy submission is to just print out the G2K SFMOMA82700 images and
text at, go to have coffee or tea or flaming
rimjobshots with Kahlua and ReddiWhipTopping with your friends or strangers,
and report back. You might even win the Conference if you are hype and
technically as hard as steel.

Projects by city are also easy to do, and I will happily assist anyone in
finding a G2K sympathizer or skeptic in your town of residence to cocreate
with. In NYC, visit or call Anthology Film Archives and speak with John
Mhiripiri (loved friend of Max and skeptic-genius). You are less alone than
you know there.

In San Francisco and Minneapolis and LA there are people too. (Curt, if you
might repost that "in Minneapolis" list?)

If you wish to host a little get-together in your own sphere don't be shy.

I can't pretend to be something I'm not.

Verily, everyone may be too busy to waste valuable energy on G2K on the eve
of the 2001 Terror Attacks. I urge people not to be scared or tight today.
The relaxed faller survives where the rigid lander shatters.

Easy and supersweet project:
1. Print out
2. Enlarge on photocopy machine so the dots are the size you prefer
3. On a new printout, type "" in small pt and stagger it so
that most squares of dot-size contains the whole url
4. Take the two printouts and print one-sided-to-two-sided--dots on one
side, url on other
5. Cut up the 2-sided printouts in square shapes containing one or four
dots each
6. Pass out and throw these confettis to observe what happens
7. Document or record your observations and send to me for the Conference.

Also, write or draw "" or "Genius 2000" or some phrase in
chalk somewhere where someone will see it maybe (or not), and take a photo
for Conference.

Also, print out any G2K text or image content and give away, hand to people,
leave in coffee shops, etc.

Also, play Shlagel music for people somewhere and see wha happen.

The closer you are, the quicker it hits ya.


Well, that's about it. Please, if you can swing it, don't be depressed

Max Herman

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  • Michael Szpakowski | Tue Sep 10th 2002 1 a.m.
    Hi Max

    < It's strange to me no one is saying "we should
    probably wait on an attack of
    Iraq" on this list. I don't think anyone has said
    I dunno ..I mentioned this offlist ..that I think its
    perhaps because it seems a little presumptious to
    assume that ( whatever that is) and it's
    practitioners have anything specific to add to the
    Me I'll quite happily nail my colours to the flag -I
    don't think they should just wait. I don't think it
    should ever happen- at all -ever and I think Bombers
    Bush and Blair got no business in the middle east.
    UN sanctions have already murdered 500,000 Iraqi kids.
    If an invasion does happen it'll be about
    (1) reasserting once again the imperial power of the
    American ruling class
    (2) oil
    and thousands more of the poor and innocent will die.
    but I say that as a human being ,not particularly as
    an artist- and it's a view that over here fortunately
    is shared by a majority of the UK working class.
    I don't mean to suggest by the above that I don't
    think there's a place in a discussion of art for a
    discussion of politics -I absolutely do. We none of us
    live in a vacuum.
    I further think there's a place for reminding any
    Brits reading this that the demo against war on Sat
    Sept 28th in London is going to be massive ( two coach
    loads already from my small town, 50 or 100 from some
    cities) and that I hope to see some of them there.
    personally I'm delighted you raised the subject- good
    on yer.


    Yahoo! - We Remember
    9-11: A tribute to the more than 3,000 lives lost
  • D42 Kandinskij | Tue Sep 10th 2002 1 a.m.
    On Tue, 10 Sep 2002, Michael Szpakowski wrote:

    > (1) reasserting once again the imperial power of the
    > American ruling class

    This is complete nonsense. 'Ruling' classes have
    never belonged to any countries. This is a bit
    like saying 'American Corporations'. Even if one
    wants to be dense--this is not a matter of
    government either, but a matter of military
    and capital to whom most governments are muppets.
    The military and capital complexes are hardly 'national'.

    > (2) oil
    > and thousands more of the poor and innocent will die.
    > but I say that as a human being ,not particularly as
    > an artist- and it's a view that over here fortunately
    > is shared by a majority of the UK working class.

    That wouldn't have anything to do with your
    knee-jerk attitude towards 'American ruling class'.

    In order to 'help' one must see what's going on.

    You'll simply lend your energies towards
    what is going on, w/o having control over it.

    Not irrelevant to why democracy is a bunch of hgasdghjsa.
    Voting and its illusiory power is the hook.
    The fish is your attention and energy.
    The idea is to maintain a political system.
    The system itself doesn't get affected by
    'who wins'.

    Similarly as with war--doesn't matter which
    side you take. 'For' or(and) 'against' it.
    War ist war. It's a law. If you want out of the law:
    evolve. No other paths.

    `, . ` `k a r e i' ? ' D42
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