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Posted by h.d.mabuse *re:combo* | Tue Sep 10th 2002 1 a.m.

Carnaval 1.0

:::: The *Carnaval 1.0* is a project inspired by the chaos that takes the
streets of
Recife every February/early March. Unlike other carnivals in Brazil, where
a single
musical style prevails, this big party turns Recife into a Temporary
Autonomous Zone,
an awesome mix of people, colors, rythms and noises.

:::: The goal of this screen-saver is to transfer this feeling to the
digital realm.

:::: The user can select images and sounds, creating his own private carnival,
which doesn't have to be confuse, but gets even better this way.

:::: All pictures used on this project can be found on the site

The user is free to modify this screen-saver, whether using or not its
provided full credit is given to Re:combo, and LPH licensing
( is respected.

Images: Haidee Lima
Sound: h.d.mabuse
Code: Rodrigo Cruz, h.d.mabuse e Haidee Lima

:::: go to the site to download the screen-saver

:::: download the source:
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