An update on MTAA's

Posted by MTAA | Fri Jan 2nd 2009 10:45 p.m.

An update on MTAA's Automatic for the People: ( ) project
Artists MTAA will conduct a performance on Feb 7 at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. What they do during this performance and how they do it is up for a vote.

Go here to participate:


This is the situation thus far...

Prologue - a live audience at SFMOMA votes that the Automatic for the People: ( ) performance should happen in SFMOMA's freight elevator
Poll 1 - the people decided that the performance should be titled: Automatic for the People: (We Solemnly Promise That No One Will Get Naked)
Poll 2 - it is decided that the duration of the performance should be "the exact same length as R.E.M.'s 'Automatic for the People' album"
Poll 3 - house plants, 2x4s, lawn chairs and a PA are to be used as props during the performance
Poll 4 - we've been directed to refer to these themes during the performance: Marcel Duchamp, chat rooms, ukuleles and take-out food
Poll 5 - we will game, build, dance and photograph (slowly) during the performance
Poll 6 - we'll be dressed as robots
Poll 7 - the general public will be allowed to attend the performance
Poll 8 - Refreshments! Poll now OPEN!
[list][*]wine and cheese
[*]milk and cookies
[*]beer and pretzels
[*]tea and crumpets
[*]martinis and olives
[*]espresso and biscotti
[*]popcorn and soda pop
[*]root beer and ice cream
[*]coffee and cake
[*]bread and water[/list]
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