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Posted by Turbulence.org | Sat Dec 20th 2008 3:11 p.m.


Dear Friends,

Mark Amerika says: “Turbulence is a permanent part of the digital art and electronic literature curriculum I have developed at the University of Colorado and a major component of our special topics courses too. The students who pass through our media arts program are amazed at everything Turbulence has achieved over the years. A common response is something like “I had no idea artists made work like this.” And then, with a little more direction, they too begin making networked art projects. To us, Turbulence is one of the most important cultural institutions on the planet! (Helen) and Jo have single (double)-handedly played a huge role in making it possible for higher arts educators like myself to successfully teach the networked arts.”

We know for a fact that many of you use our resources to teach digital art and new media. And many others have written to tell us how great an impact we’ve had on their careers. Please, show us how much we matter by making a donation right now.

2008 was our most active year yet. We launched 30 COMMISSIONED works on Turbulence.org and Networked\_Music\_Review; co-presented two exhibitions - MIXED REALITIES (with Ars Virtua and Huret & Spector Gallery) and LUMENS (with Greylock Arts and MCLA Gallery 51); co-presented two symposia - FLOATING POINTS 5: MIXED REALITIES (with Emerson College) and PROGRAMMABLE MEDIA II: NETWORKED\_MUSIC (with Pace Digital Gallery); co-presented UPGRADE! BOSTON (with Massachusetts College of Art and Design); and participated in Upgrade! International: CHAIN REACTION (Skopje Macedonia).


No amount is too small!

Pay via PayPal on http://turbulence.org or send a check to New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc., 124 Bourne Street, Roslindale, MA 02131.

Thanks for your generous support.

Warm Regards,

Jo-Anne Green and Helen Thorington,
Co-directors, New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc.
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