where to find grants for artist residency

Posted by Karla Kracht | Mon Dec 8th 2008 10 a.m.


i just have been invited to do a residency with workshop and final presentation in yogyakarta/indonesia. To realise the stay i need to find funding for the travel costs, since the indonesian media centre cannot provide us with the flights.

the trouble is, the residency starts in 3 weeks time! has anyone out here an idea where to find travel grants for artists in residence (our discipline is video art and performance with community based approach)? any ideas or experiences would be very much appreciated!

I am working with a colleague, we are both based in barcelona/spain. The big foundations and organisations have deadlines twice a year and are not relevant for this short term project.

So if you have heard of any funding that can be done after the project had been realised or have a open deadline scheme, please share your knowledge.

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