Enigma n^2

Posted by Jim Andrews | Tue Aug 27th 2002 1 a.m.

meaning is what an explanation of meaning explains"
Ludwig Wittgenstein

Enigma n^2 is an experimental audio/visual work of sound/code poetry and interactive/generative
music at http://vispo.com/animisms/enigman2 . It is meant to be played loudly.

It's related to an interactive visual poem from 98 called Enigma n at
http://vispo.com/animisms/enigman/meaning.html . No audio in this one.

The basic "material" of both of them is the word "meaning" and poem-sized coding. Enigma n^2
requires Shockwave and speakers. Enigma n requires a version 4+ browser. Enigma n is a
philosophical poetry toy for poets and philosophers from the age of 4 up.

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