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Posted by Joe Edit | Sat Jul 26th 2008 1:13 p.m.

It's much easier to produce an idea in the medium where you can see the product very quickly, than to have to produce an idea in a medium which requires a lot of manual dexterity. So it seemed to me that, at the time, anyway, that the instantaneousness of the medium and it capability to use time in a certain kind of way was some kind of issue.

I never saw the net in an aesthetic way. The way certain people like MTAA / GH / Tribe-Galloway, and that genre of people. They thought the whole point of the net was to make it like abstract art, to make it dance, to make it wiggle, to make feed back, this that and the other thing. I was never interested in changing the way the image looked.

I was much more interested in the way your could use a certain amount of time, the way you could express certain kinds of ideas and have them taken more seriously. Because there is something about net, if an idea is expressed in web space, it often appears to analyze in a more "live" space.

It seemed to me that one of the things that web could do for me was to produce a kind of work that analyzed that "live" and living, as opposed to something that was in so-called historical or theatrical space. In other words, instead of thinking about painting or sculpture, something where you arrive on the scene after the body has been worked over so to speak, and after the so-called autopsy has occurred, you are now given evidence of that. It seemed to me that with things like the web you had at least the illusion that you are operating in real or same time, so it's not historical time, even though to some degree it is historical because, you know, it never quite happened at the time that people saw it. But its quite different, in terms of feeling, than making a painting, or a sculpture, or something like that.

The sense that something could appear to be live, operating in live time, as opposed to operating some other kind of time, and another aspect of it is the concept of how time and space equate with the concept of intellect and thinking. It seems to me that the way that net uses time can somewhat be equated with the way the mind thinks about things. You don't think instantaneously, you think over a period of time. It may be only seconds or minutes, but it's still something that happens in space, it doesn't happen...you know. In a certain kind of way, the idea of being able to get an idea out instantaneously -think about it, produce it - and not have to have it be involved with the concept of aestheticism. You know, "Is this a beautiful red, next to a beautiful green?" or that kind of thing.

I think that is sort of like a major move in terms of the way you think about things. I mean if your saying that I'm really not interested in making the world prettier, I want the world to think differently. The other thing of course is that net art keeps on being a new medium....

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      dude is doing a dog dude
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        No, it's just a photo op grabbed from the newswire.
        It's creative placement,image
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    wait ive gotta come up with somthing about this post..
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