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Posted by patrick lichty | Thu Jul 24th 2008 1:45 p.m.

24 July 2008

CONTACT: Tim Bullier


Minuteman Project to Second Front; Resign now!

Los Angeles, CA - Jim Gilchrist the founder and president of the Minuteman
Project announced today that thousands of Minutemen from across the country
are planning a march on Second Life, demanding that Second Front resign
over their pro griefing policy that lead to the aggravation
of Sanbot Ichikawa, 6 mos, and his sons Michael, 3 mos, and Matthew, 4 mos. at the hands
of 2 year old gang griefer Chaos Semanowa. The family was attacked near their home when Sanbot Ichikawa,
teleporting home from a dance party, briefly blocked the griefer's view when entering the Sexyland sim.
The griefer Chaos Semanowa benefited directly from the city's long-standing practice of protecting
griefers from expulsion from the Grid.

"The Minuteman Project offers our deepest condolences to Starfinder Ichikawa.
The aggravation of her husband and two sons at the hands of a
Griefer is reprehensible," said MMP founder and president Jim

The Minuteman Project is sending a clear message to Second Front:

"You reap what you sow." However in this case, Starfinder Ichikawa has reaped
what you, Second Front, and the Odyssey Admins have sown.

The failed Anti-griefing in Odyssey has endangered not only the
user experience of good citizens but has cast Second Front as a dangerous
rogue group. A path that places families into harm
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