Till Joseph flies to hide the biting tears

Posted by Doron Golan | Wed Apr 16th 2008 5:36 a.m.

quicktime video, 48 MB, 5:20 min.
  • Michael Szpakowski | Wed Apr 16th 2008 7:23 a.m.
    Here's an extract from an e mail I sent Doron about this piece:

    ...this is great & quite the strangest thing you've ever
    made. The tone is quite disturbing, made me quite
    nervous, but it's also beautiful. In particular
    there's one moment near to the end with lots of
    effects when there's just some of the most beautiful
    shades of green *ever* on the screen.
    Also I had an epiphany whilst watching - I realised one
    particular move I love in your editing ( and it lends
    it so much of its personal quality and power) -it's
    like a sort of "half-jump-cut" - we move from one
    position of a person to another, sometimes with a
    slight zoom in or out or a slight change of angle but
    the continuity is both manifestly broken and somehow
    retained. It *is* a jump cut but in your hands it
    doesn't have the brashness that one might associate
    with that term. It's amazingly potent.
    Do you shoot with that sort of thing in mind, zooming
    in and out with a mind to removing some of the
    intervening footage?
    I like the performance too, understated but
    The effects are the thing I find strangest - they are
    so in-your-face and contrast so markedly with that
    lovely B&W look you achieve. The little buzzing
    objects ( for want of a better description) put me in
    mind of the helicopter in the Tell Aviv portraits..
    The symbolism ( again for want of a better word) is so
    intensely personal, or at least hermetic that at this
    end of your work there's a flavour of Blake. I
    couldn't exactly logically justify that assertion but
    it *feels* true to me..
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