Three New NetReleases by Larraskito

Posted by Alejandro Durán Barreiro | Tue Apr 15th 2008 8:11 a.m.

New Releases by Larraskito!!

[larr08] baba llaga . gesamtkunstwerk
Third manifesto ( fulllength ) from the combo of suburbial experimentation from Bilbao formed by Miguel A. García, Raul Dominguez, Daniel Llaria and Itziar Markiegi. Available also in a precious physical edition edited by the label Hamaika. It is the more complex, complete and polemic work that the band have generated to this date. A impossible mixture of experimental abstraction, bizarre techno- pop and unabashed noise. According to Jliat's words ( Vital Weekly ) "Brilliant- neo-fluxus. marx bros meet Stockhausen".

[larr07] loopool . dunes soon
Jean Paul Garnier Loopool is an interesting sound artist who lives in Seattle . In his piece "Dunes soon" we are delighted with an intemporal landscape on the basis of loops and improvisations of guitar that does not hide an ecologist intentionality , evoking a so desolate place as it would be able to be our planet in the future. A barren and desert-like place, but, in this work, also beautiful.

[larr04] dcs . slowfade
DCS is Daniel C Simon, one of the maximum exponents of the industrial underground of Germany thanks to his project of extreme noise Flutwacht and to the directon of labels like Apocalyptic Radio, Nervous Nurse and Tourette Tapes. In "SlowFade" the author shows us an unpublished facet , showing a trend towards an analogical experimentation of dense and rusty environments . The sound sources are: Metal plates, chains, nails and a fan.

We are still searching sound artists and audio terrorists to join our archive!!!

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