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Posted by ryanr05 | Thu Apr 3rd 2008 12:29 a.m.

Hi all!

I belong to a group from the University of Western Australia currently working on a multi-media art project called Bagus Hati (trans. from Indonesian means Beautiful Heart). The project aims to be a visual cultural exchange between the Indonesian Art Institute and Western Australian artists-it is not however, confined to these centers.
Bagus Hati's conceptual framework is based on understandings and narratives of the heart-they can be from any philosophical, cultural, social, scientific perspective...we want as many ideas as possible!
The format for the project is digital (can be traditional media-but made into digital format). please check out the site http://bfa1.alva.uwa.edu.au/heart_bagus.htm and is to be shown in an exhibition in Cullity Gallery UWA in late May/June ths year.
Tell the world your heart stories...How do understandings of the heart differ across cultures/age groups/classes? Can we create new meanings for the heart?
If you have any questions email ryanr05@student.uwa.edu.au
  • DODI ROSADI | Thu Apr 3rd 2008 1:21 a.m.
    http://odoygiantfansclub.multiply.com/ Klo ada apa-apa ajakin gue dunk!
    • rebekah | Fri Apr 4th 2008 2:47 a.m.
      Im very Sorry but I don't read/speak indonesian...I wish I could, however indonesian is not a language that is widely promoted/available for australians to learn...strange when it is our nearest neighbour!!
  • Rebe | Mon Apr 7th 2008 3:30 a.m.
    Any THOUGHTS?????!!!!!! restarter heart...growing hearts and transplanting them into other bodies...creepy
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