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Posted by h.d.mabuse *re:combo* | Fri Aug 9th 2002 1 a.m.

RADIO RE:COMBO: re:combining the territory

October, 2002. The *Re:combo Radio* will recombine the territory of
"Transmidia" project.

You are invited to _Re:combining The Territory_, a multimedia project of
collaborative sound + vision production. The experience will mix
audiovisual material sent by collaborators to RE:COMBO
( with texts produced for the event and a live P.A. set.

The main goal is to integrate the audience (live on-site and wired by the
web) in an active experience of "on-stage" recombination. We believe that
the traditional passive "on-stage" format doesn't fit the new ways of
electronic music/art. The experience will be developed this way: the sounds
and pictures that will be used in the performance will be collected through
the internet. You can collaborate by just sending your movie clips, images
or sound files attached by e-mail to:

The last edition of the _radio Re:combo_ took place on the "Abril Pro Rock
Festival" (

Questions relevant to the territory (as defined by Gilles Deleuze) will be
raised with images and sounds and offered to the public with a one night
stand performance. After that, during two months, the off-line physical
site will be open for people to recombine and be the players of a wired
show synchronized with the web site.

The live on-site experience will be held on October, 2002 at Instituto
Cultural Itau, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL, during the "Transmidia" event.
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