Dot Com Haters

Posted by Luca D'Angelo | Thu Mar 13th 2008 11:42 a.m.

Are you a "dot com" hater?

Digital artists who publish projects online often want to be pure. Pure = 100% free.

We have published free digital projects for 7 years and now my team and I have recently launched a "dot com" project called

Even if we offer one free section we notice an hard block when we contact some famous websites which focus on digital art projects. What we experience is that when you add a .com everything become hard.

Yes, it's a .com: we give something for free and we sell something too.

We believe that creators can achieve real independency only when they are able to sell to the real public, directly.

If you produce digital art, put a .com at the end of your website, add a paypal button and enjoy.
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