Posted by Valérie Lamontagne | Thu Aug 1st 2002 1 a.m.


MobileGaze, a net art collective, presents a Web exhibition entitled
MATTER + MEMORY - divided into 4 thematic Nodes: Heart, Mind, Soul,
Body. Inspired by Henri Bergson's book, Matter and Memory, in which
the author states that "It is true that an image may be without being
perceived - it may be present without being represented - and the
distance between these two terms, presence and representation, seems
just to measure the interval between matter itself and our conscious
perception of matter." MATTER + MEMORY aims at bridging the chasm
between mind and body via the Web.

MATTER + MEMORY, curated by Valerie Lamontagne, unites 12 online
projects by the following artists: Boredomresearch (UK), Young-Hae
Chang Heavy Industries (South Korea), Gregory Chatonsky (France),
Lisa Cianci (Australia), Eric Deis (Canada), Peter Horvath (Canada),
Jessica Irish (USA), Alice Jarry & Nicholas Lauzon-Timm (Canada),
Waseem Khan (UK), Hidekazu Minami (Japan), Stanza (UK) and Igor
Stromajer (Slovenia). Presented in a specially conceived Web
environment the MATTER+MEMORY site was designed by Brad Todd. Each
thematic Node is accompanied by a theoretical text: Heart Node:
Pierre Robert; Mind Node: Esther Bourdages; Soul Node: Sylvie Parent;
and Body Node: Valerie Lamontagne.

MobileGaze wishes to thank the Canada Council for the Arts and the
Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Quebec.

For more information:

MobileGaze: on-line culture.

Matter + Memory exhibition
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