August on -empyre- - time/space/movement - Sean Cubitt

Posted by Melinda Rackham | Mon Jul 29th 2002 1 a.m.

-empyre- mid year session will be brought to a close by our guest for August
Sean Cubitt.

Sean, originating from the UK and currently Head of Media Studies at
University of Waikato in New Zealand, is the author of "Digital Aesthetics,
and Simulation and Social Theory." He is currently working on a new book on
special effects cinema for MIT Press, co-editing The Third Text Reader as
well as a collection on postcolonial science fiction and his interests
include media aesthetics, media ethics and media democracy. Sean's
discussion will discuss center around - an elemetary notion of
movement's dispersal into time and space and its stitching back together in
another mode, looking at a historical time line from 1894 onwards; and on
human machine communication.

-empyre- will then have a two week recess before commencing the final
session for the year,
when -empyre- guests and topics will be:
September 2002 - the Interational Corporation of Lost Structures (ICOLS)
plus "Method" with Hideki Nakazawa,
October 2002 - E lounge - online discussions from an Atlantic-Rim
November 2002 - Constructing the Virtual with Joseph Nechvatal, and an
Avatar Manifestro with Gregory Little,
December 2002 - Cyberfeminisms with Julianne Pierce.

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