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Posted by Marika Dermineur | Mon Jul 22nd 2002 1 a.m.

> > landscape issue #3 > on-line
> is presenting the last online issue on the "Landscape" theme. More than 60 interactive experiments from around the world,

showing countinuity and differences between classical art and technological art.

Have participated to the Landscape issue:

Mark Amerika, Vadim Bernard, Philippe Bruneau, Gregory Chatonsky, Nicolas Clauss, Stephane Degoutin, Marika Dermineur, Luc Desdoigts, Reynald Drouhin, Alain Dumenieu, Fred Fenollabbate, Christophe Guillon, Isabelle Hayeur, Andrew Hieronymi, Brooke Knight, Tomasz Konart, Maja Kovac, KRN (Karen Dermineur), Christophe Lemaitre, Patrick Lichty, Logicaland, Fred Maillard, Julie Morel, Jacques Perconte, Piret Rani, Fred Romano, Michael Sellam, Stanza, Annette Weintraub, Daniel Young.

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