Posted by Lewis LaCook | Wed Jul 17th 2002 1 a.m.

One could say, I woke up
into heat halo, alleuvial,

penetrated by a hunger
lumbering across the day.

It would impress one, I suppose.

Or one could intone, I stole
the code (don't drone, or

if at all possible, lisp), then
maybe I adjusted things, replacing

an image with smoke (in antiquity,
this was called theater, and

marriage was one). There's an awkward
bird on the balcony railing, just landed,
and I'm pushing my hands through her

trying to land the perfect job.


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  • Tamara LAI | Wed Jul 17th 2002 1 a.m.
    ..... vertigo in the forest
    - telephone period
    so much to be told ?
    existential pied-a-terre...

    short conversation, but she,
    (human dimension - membership)
    moreover imaginative,
    is an empty place
    would not fail X to invade
    into full
    the Evil to gallop
    horde of schizoid images (?)

    before, meanwhile and after...
    sealed lips,
    desires which live in me
    it only remains,
    oneself to spread
    small fortresses
    are made of flesh too
    do you recognize yourselves?

    tamara lai


    vertige dans la foret
    -telephone. periode
    tant a raconter ?
    pied-a-terre existentiel...

    breve conversation, mais elle,
    (dimension humaine -appartenance)
    d'ailleurs imaginative,
    est une place vide
    ne manquerait x d'envahir
    en plein
    le Mal au galop
    horde d'images schizoides (?)

    avant, pendant et apres...
    levres scellees,
    envies qui m'habitent
    il ne reste que,
    soi-meme a s'ecarter
    petites forteresses
    sont faits de chair aussi
    vous reconnaissez-vous ?

    tamara lai

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