HAZE: call for submissions

Posted by trip Dixon | Sun Jul 14th 2002 1 a.m.

hive projects presents
HAZE monthly video night, Toronto

::: call for submissions ::: fall programming

deadline: August 24


The third season of the HAZE video nights, hosted by Pol Williams of Hive P=
rojects and Emelie Chhangur, will include a new second half for its monthly=
video screenings. The first half of the night will still host the open sh=
owings: bring down what you've made and we'll show it if it's under 6 minut=
es. Beginning September 12, the second half of the two-hour night will inc=
lude curated works from submissions to form theme nights and special guest =
artist selections. Upcoming HAZE nights will take place at a series of art=
galleries in the Queen Street West Gallery District.

Hive Projects is asking artists to send in their VHS tapes, net films, or F=
lash movies for review to be included in the special selection for future H=
AZE video nights. Running length should be under 9 minutes. No interactive =
digital works: linear only please. Send as many as you like, casettes may c=
ontain multiple works, clearly indicated. Along with a CV and comment or st=
atement about the work, mail hardcopy VHS tapes, DVDs, or CDROMs to:

Hive Projects: HAZE
unit 106 - 888 Dupont Street
Toronto, ON
M6G 1Z8

All digital work or links should be e-mailed to: haze@hiveprojects.com

Please don't forget to pass this on to other potentially interested parties

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