The Networking Biennial

Posted by Lee Wells | Wed Mar 5th 2008 3:47 p.m.

Hey Max:

You should check out a review I found in ArtNet Magazine on the Whitney Biennial.
The writer didn't even go.

by Charlie Finch

I’m in bed with the flu (again!), so must forego the tiring press-party tour today of the latest edition of the Whitney Biennial. Usually the best thing about opening a new WhitBiopsy is that it means there’s a full two years until the next one, but this year the bored, lazy, infirm or otherwise engaged have an out. Over a year ago I correctly predicted in this space that the new Biennial would be all about party and connections. Sure enough, the Whitbash has already been described as The Networking Biennial, "The Facebook Biennial" and even "The Recycle Every Party in the History of Art Biennial."
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