i am (not) an artwork/je (ne) suis (pas) une oeuvre d'art

Posted by Annie Abrahams | Sun Jul 7th 2002 1 a.m.

english new: http://www.fraclr.org/users/abrahams/perl/arte.pl
Bertand Gauguet wrote a text, that serves as the base of this second part
of the work for the site of Fraclr.
You can change the text directly and it will change color. Once the text is
white, you cannot change it anymore, it will be definitive.

francais nouveau: http://www.fraclr.org/users/abrahams/perl/artf.pl
Bertrand Gauguet a ecrit un texte, qui sert de base a ce deuxieme volet du
travail pour le site du Frac.
Vous pouvez changer ce texte en direct, il changera de couleur. Quand le
nouveau texte est devenu blanc, vous ne pouvez plus le changer, il sera

Annie Abrahams
  • annie abrahams | Thu Jul 11th 2002 1 a.m.

    This work was off line for a while because of security reasons. Because the
    data were lost, I had to go 'back in time'. I am very sorry to have lost
    some very interesting changes in the text.

    Bertand Gauguet wrote a text :


    BECAUSE jumping out of my bed, I switch on my computer to read new messages,
    BECAUSE I often wait for replys that never come,
    BECAUSE I cannot help to switch it on again after having switched it off,
    BECAUSE I always hope to find some unexpected messages in it,
    BECAUSE my lonelyness can also be connected at 56 Ko,
    BECAUSE Returned mail - User unknow

    BECAUSE I want the web to tell me stories,
    BECAUSE many links always send me back to the same distress,

    BECAUSE my bookmarks reveal other outlines of my identity,
    BECAUSE on the net, I is an other person (inaccessible),
    BECAUSE on the net, I is everyone (accessible-no-no),
    BECAUSE I is also a random snapshot of the collective identity,



    You can change this text directly and it will change color. Once the text
    is white, you cannot change it anymore, it will be definitive.

    annie abrahams
  • annie abrahams | Thu Nov 21st 2002 1 a.m.
    proje(c)t 'web video', jeveux..................
    I worked 5 days with a class of 22 children aged about 12 years:
    english: http://www.bram.org/daubie/anglais.htm
    francais: http://www.bram.org/daubie/index.htm
    (you need a realplayer plugin)

    Cecile Petit: review on 'i am (not) an artwork/je (ne) suis (pas) une
    oeuvre d'art'
    english: http://ciac.ca/actu-commente.html
    francais: http://ciac.ca/actu-commentf.html

    presentation text of/texte de presentation de 'Sowana' a/on
    http://www.chairetmetal.com/vpar/vpar2002.php (flash)
    http://www.chairetmetal.com/vpar/index.php?annee 02 (html) (english)

    Annie Abrahams
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