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Posted by Melinda Rackham | Sat Jun 29th 2002 1 a.m.

-empyre- guests for July are Valerie Lamontagne and Sylvie Parent

---> Valerie Lamontagne - a Montreal artist, freelance art critic, and
curator, will present the collectively produced online zine MobileGaze which
looks at new media arts, providing in-depth online video interviews with
media artists, and live Webcast events; and Location / Dislocation, a
net.art exhibition, curated in collaboration with Sylvie Parent, and
presented in the context of the Saison du Quebec a New York at the New
Museum of Contemporary Art.Valerie will also discuss the current show online
at MobileGaze "Matter + Memory".

---> Sylvie Parent is a free lance curator and art critic. She was editor of
the CIAC Electronic Magazine (Centre international d'art contemporain de
Montreal) from 1997 to 2001, an on-line publication dedicated to the
promotion of net.art, and curated the net.art component of the Biennale de
Montreal in 2000. Last year she co-curated Location/Dislocation with Valerie
Lamontagne, and is currently engaged in investigating the history of web art
in Quebec, and artistic content for mobile phones and pda's. Sylvie will
discuss the importance of an historical point of view on web art, and
consider projects that had less visibility on the web for reasons of
geography, networking, language, etc.

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  • Jim Andrews | Thu Jun 29th 2006 5:18 p.m.
    July 2006 on -empyre- soft-skinned space: "Bare Life"


    Please join guests Jordan Crandall (US), Tina Gonsalves (AU), GH
    Hovagimyan (US), Conor McGarrigle (IR), Susana Mendes Silva (PT), and
    Michele White (US) as we address
    a question posed by the upcoming Documenta 12:

    What is bare life?

    This question is one of three leitmotifs being talked about, and
    written about all over the world during 2006, in collaboration with
    the Documenta Magazine Project ( http://www.documenta12.de/english/
    leitmotifs.html ) -empyre- is honored to be invited into the
    conversation, as an Australian based new media publication and
    international collaborative list, founded by Melinda Rackham in
    2002. In March 2006, we spent a lively multilingual month on 'Is
    Modernity our Antiquity" -- and the archives for this discussion are
    online now at https://mail.cofa.unsw.edu.au/pipermail/empyre/2006-March/

    The Documenta Magazine project editors describe it this way......

    "What is bare life?

    " This second question underscores the sheer vulnerability and
    complete exposure of being. Bare life deals with that part of our
    existence from which no measure of security will ever protect us. But
    as in sexuality, absolute exposure is intricately connected with
    infinite pleasure. There is an apocalyptic and obviously political
    dimension to bare life (brought out by torture and the concentration
    camp). There is, however, also a lyrical or even ecstatic dimension
    to it
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